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Watercraft, life jackets, and paddles are included in the price for all canoe and kayak trips.
Life jackets and a cooler tube are included in the price for all tube trips.

Kayak rental includes paddles and life jacket.

TRIP 1 – Front Royal to N. Royal Ave. (3 miles – approx. 2 hrs floating)

Trip 1 is a less traveled part of the river and excellent for people wanting to get away from the crowds.

This section is great for fishing with plenty of smallmouth bass and sunfish. The river is calm with shallow riffles and has some deep water near the end.

PRICE – Canoe $40.00       Kayak $30.00      Tandem Kayak $40.00      Tube $20.00


TRIP 2 – Karo to Front Royal (7 miles – approx. 3 hrs recreation paddling / 6 hrs float fishing)

This trip offers a small Class II rapid (known as Karo Rapid), a Class I rapid (Three Chute Rapid), occasional islands, many ledges, and the convenience of meeting and ending in town limits. The take-out offers a ½ mile paved walking and biking trail and a pristine picnic area with tables and grills.

Fisherman and nature enthusiasts will love this trip! The fisherman will be checking the hooks for smallmouth bass, rock bass, and red breasted sunfish, to name a few. Nature lovers will enjoy bald eagles, ospreys, herons, belted kingfishers, turtles, deer and much more.

PRICE – Canoe $45.00       Kayak $40.00    Tandem Kayak $50.00        RIVER MILES #37 to #44


TRIP 3 – Bentonville to Karo (8 miles – approx. 4 to 5 hrs recreation paddling / 7 to 8 hrs for float fishing)

This trip floats you past the Raymond “Andy Guest” – Shenandoah River State Park. The State Park is a great place to picnic on the river. This trip has lots of ledges that will keep you on your toes, and stay on the lookout for old Indian fish dams, historical civil war fords, high bluffs and serene farmland. This is another great trip for birders and nature enthusiasts and a promising fishing section of the river. *Trip availability depends on the river level at its best in the spring and good rainfall*

PRICE – Canoe $50.00        Kayak $40.00      RIVER MILES #28 to #37


TRIP 4 – Carvell to Bentonville (7 miles – approx. 3 to 4 hrs recreation paddling / 6 hrs float fishing)

This is one of the best trips on the river! This section offers shallow ledges to maneuver, as well as deep eddies for fishing and swimming. One major highlight of this trip is The Ledge, a two-foot drop that is sure to add excitement! Other interesting sites include the remains of Hazards Mill, wildlife, and fishing galore!

PRICE – Canoe $55.00       Kayak $40.00      Tandem Kayak $55.00   RIVER MILES #21 to #28


STATE PARK TRIP 1 – Bentonville to State Park (3.5 miles – approx. 2 hrs recreation paddling / 4 hrs floating)

A good short trip that ends at the Shenandoah River State Park in time for a picnic, hike, or bike. Tubes are also offered on this trip and generally take 4 hours. There is a lot of camping available at the State Park; from tent sites on the riverside to cabin rentals.

PRICE – Canoe $50.00       Kayak $40.00      Tandem Kayak $50.00   RIVER MILES #28 to #31.5


STATE PARK TRIP 2 – State Park to Front Royal (12.5 miles – approx. 5 to 6 hrs recreation paddling)

A wonderful day paddle, this is our longest standard trip which winds through diverse sections of the river. Ledges and islands just downriver from the park give way to great swimming holes, then very deep areas with excellent fishing.

PRICE – Canoe $50.00       Kayak $40.00    Tandem Kayak $50.00  RIVER MILES #31.5 to #44


NORTH FORK TRIP – Route 626 to Riverton – (5 miles – 3 – 4 hrs recreation paddling)

This is the perfect trip to get away from the crowds. It’s a calm section of river and great for smallmouth fishing. Please call to check availability.

PRICE – Canoe $55.00      Kayak $40.00


Shuttle services are free with kayak rental, tube rental, raft rental, and canoe rental.OTHER SERVICES

MULTI-DAY TRIPS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST – Prices vary, please contact us for more info.

CUSTOM TRIPS – We can offer any trip on the river. If you have a favorite section of the river that we don’t offer as a trip, let us know and we may be able to work something out.

SHUTTLE SERVICE – Have your own boat and just need a shuttle? Shuttle service is $20.00 per boat for most trips. 50% off with the rental of one of our boats in addition to your own. Tubes are $10.00

AQUA-BLAZING! – Make the Shenandoah River part of your Appalachian Trail experience! Hikers can maximize paddling with a start in Luray at River mile #1 of the South Fork and end at Route 9, north of Harper’s Ferry – or shortened the river trip to a few miles – all to maximize your AT adventure.



Small coolers are available for rent for $5.00 a trip and larger coolers are available for just $10.00 a trip.

Large drybags are available for rent at $10.00 a trip. These are ideal for towels, multiple sets of dry clothes and anything else you don’t want to get wet.


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