Getting Started With Your Rental Watercraft

HOW IT WORKSAsk about our through-hiker specials.

Simply call for reservations.  Pick out the trip that sounds best for you and determine what time you would like to meet.  Meet us at the river take-out of your chosen trip and we’ll shuttle you upstream to your drop-off point. This means you’ll to end your trip at your personal vehicle for maximum convenience.


For those who own boats, we offer shuttle services to any of our trip locations. Campsite, hotel pick-up and drop-off service is available for an additional cost (local only).

Prices are listed on the trips and pricing page. Contact us for more information on our shuttle service or to make a reservation.


  • SHOES – All persons must have shoes!  Flip-flops do not work well in the river and easily get lost! Remember: your shoes will get wet, so don’t bring your fancy ones!
  • MEDICATIONS – allergy or otherwise.
  • DRY CLOTHES – Keep an extra set of dry clothes and towels in your car for the end of your trip.
  • FLEECE JACKETS are recommended for cool or damp days (fleece will keep you warm even if it gets wet).
  • SMALL COOLER – for cold water, snacks and sandwiches.


Skyline Canoe Company is fully licensed and insured.

All canoe and kayak trips come with the watercraft, paddles, properly fitted lifejackets (Youth to XL), riverside instruction, a river map, one small drybag for your keys and dry goods, to be secured to the boat. Basic Beginner canoe and kayak instruction can be given for individuals upon request.

All tube trips come with lifejackets and a cooler tube.

Additional coolers and large dry bags are available for a small fee. Kayak rental comes with paddle, life jacket, and river map.
We consider anyone age ten and older as an adult and will NOT let any child under the age of six go out for safety reasons.
For additional safety, there must be one adult per child in a canoe; this is in case the canoe flips during your trip.

KAYAKS and TUBES: Our kayaks and tubes are single person crafts.
You must be ten years and four feet or taller to use these crafts.

There is absolutely no doubling up on these watercraft. This is for your own safety.

We consider anyone of age ten and older as an adult in regards to craft capacity. Children under the age of six are not permitted on any of our trips for their safety.


Ready to enjoy our river trips? Please CLICK HERE to read and sign our waiver.




The river is natural and not an amusement park. Your safety is important to Skyline Canoe Company, but there are factors beyond our control. Please abstain from drinking alcohol and always wear your lifejacket.